The Cabbage Patch Burger. 

The Cabbage Patch Burger. 


It all started when...

The Midland Burger Company was founded in late 2016, by Jim and Ashley Welch. Jim is a local, award winning chef, and his wife, Ashley is a local realtor. For years we have been searching Midland for a great tasting burger. A burger that's fresh and flavorful, and a little bit unique.

We serve excellent, locally sourced gourmet burgers and poutine from a mobile food truck. We know where our food comes from because we know who grew, baked or raised it. We grind our own meat, for optimum taste, and hand cut our fries, so they're always fresh and never frozen. Our buns come from a local bakery. And our pop is the Michigan favorite, Faygo.

Recognizing that people have many different dietary needs and preferences we offer gluten free buns as well as veggie burgers.