Downtown Traverse city

What goes better with a burger and fries than a beer? Probably nothing. So when we stumbled upon an opportunity to join Monkey Fist Brewing Company at State Street Market Place we knew we couldn’t pass it up.



State Street Marketplace


An old police department horse stables turned brewery and marketplace. Sounds interesting right? You really ought to stop by and check it out.

 Updated 10

Updated 10


We love to encourage our chefs to craft new burgers from the very best locally sourced ingredients. Each location’s menu includes MBC signature burgers but they also sport some delectable options which are unique to that restaurant.

 Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger

Featured Burger

Once this location is opened we will showcase our newest burgers here.

In addition to our locally sourced beef burgers, from GALLAGHER Centennial farms, we are proud to serve the Impossible™ Burger. The Impossible™ Burger is made from simple ingredients found in nature, including wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, and heme. Feel good about biting into an Impossible™ Burger. No animal, no compromise.  Just an Impossible™ Burger instead of a burger made from cows.



You can reach us by email at You can also get ahold of us on Instagram or Facebook by following the links below.


State Street Marketplace . 329 E. State Street . Traverse City, MI 49684

Hours of Operation . To Be Determined

Proudly Partnering with Gallagher’s Centennial Farm, Common Good Bakery, Jenkins Potato Farm, Impossible Foods, and many other local growers and producers.

Gallagher’s Centennial Farm

Established 1905, located on the west side of Traverse City. Their cattle are locally grown, antibiotic free, and free from growth hormones, which in turn makes for an excellent burger.

Common Good Bakery

Hand Crafted on Purpose. Common Good Bakery® is a neighborhood joint in the heart of Traverse City and we think they make a mighty fine hamburger bun.

Jenkins Potato Farm

Jenkins Potato Farm is a family owned farm that is USDA Great Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certified. They specialize in growing potatoes but they also grow corn, green beans, wheat and rye. We think they grow spectacular spuds, which we hand-cut into Michigan’s Best French Fries.

Impossible Burgers

Not looking for meat from a cow? How about meat made from a plant? Impossible™ meat delivers all the flavor, aroma and beefiness of meat from cows. But here’s the kicker: It’s just plants doing the Impossible.